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After the loss of a best friend to ovarian cancer, to ease her own grief at her friend’s passing, in 2002 Patricia, a professional portrait artist in Sterling, Ohio, contacted Akron Children’s Hospital to paint portraits of the children who had recently passed away and give them to the grieving families…thus began her mission in life to paint the children as they were when they were healthy and happy and then donate those beautiful one-of-a-kind portraits for the families to cherish after the loss of their child. It was with the first portrait that Faces of Angels was begun in earnest.

To date Faces of Angels has painted and donated over 40 portraits for grieving families in need all over northeast Ohio.

Faces of Angels continues the effort to support and paint portraits for the families. We portray them as they are: sweet, innocent, full of hope, vessels of life; wonderful beings with the faces of angels.

We invite you to join us in our mission to continue giving through the gift of art.

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